Are You Sure King James, Corbin, KY

The King James “Authorized” Version of the Bible has been the foremost translation used by English speaking people all over the world. Many consider the commissioning of his “authorized” version of the Bible to be the crowning achievement of King James.

After its publication, the King James Version overshadowed all previous versions. It is still the bestselling book of all time. Today, as well as then, there were and is a considerable number of versions available, but for most of the Protestant Christians the King James Bible is the absolute infallible word of God.

It is my choice of Bibles as well; I have studied it extensively and found it to be very inspiring, refreshing, and enlightening. However, on the other hand, I have found it to be contradictory and confusing. Why do you think that is? Several people have said to me, “I often think about going to Church and I would like to be a Christian, but which church is right? There are so many of them and they all seem to interpret the Bible differently.”

Those were my own thoughts also before I joined a Church. I wrestled with those thoughts for years before deciding on a particular church. Unfortunately, like most people I joined a church before I read the Bible. The problem with that however, one cannot make the correct choice without any scripture knowledge. Joining a church and agreeing to its rules and its doctrine before studying the scriptures makes just about much sense as signing a blank contract.

That brings me to some big questions, are you sure about the King James Version, has it led you down the road that leads to Heaven? Have you noticed contradictions in his translation? If we English speaking people, cannot trust the King James Version, then what are we to do? How are we to find the truth? What questions do we ask?

Like many people, I listened to many voices, read many books about what the Bible says only to become more confused and discouraged. Then one day I found myself subconsciously arguing with God, he said to me, “study my word,” my response was, “but I can learn more and faster if I read what someone else has already studied and written about you.” He got my attention when he spoke to my spirit and said, “My Holy Spirit is your teacher, if you do not let Him teach you, you have no part with me.” From this I understood that God wanted me to search out the scriptures for my self and not trust in hearsay.

I did not hesitate; I laid all those books aside, and went straight to the King James Bible. As I read the King James translation I begin to see the plan of God unfold before me, but there was another big problem, the plan that I was seeing in the scriptures were not the same that I had been taught, and had read about. For the most part, what I was seeing was very different from modern day church doctrine.

You talk about been torn limb from limb, it was bad. Try to put yourself in my shoes, I would go to church and listen to the preacher while looking down at the scriptures and thinking, the scriptures do not agree with this man. Have you experienced anything like this?

What did I do? I sat down and made a long list of questions then I took those questions to King James and asked him to answer them.

I said to the King: If it pleases my Lord the King, your servant would consider it a great honor if he may question the King concerning some confusing and troubling issues with his translation. I am confused partly, I am sure, because I do not understand some of your Old English words, but partly because I believe your Bible CONTRADICTS itself.

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